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4th January 2021: Registration

3rd May 2021: Close for Registration

9th May 2021: Race Day

Race Details

We are proud to announce that the major – RUN BIKE RUN – duathlon brand in the world will come back in Portugal in 2021. It is part of Powerman, a worldwide range of events having short, classic and long distances – so everyone can participate individually or join with friends, co-workers or family.

Powerman Middle Distance: 10km Run – 60km Bike – 10km Run

Powerman Standard Distance: 5km Run – 30km Bike – 5km Run

You may choose to take part as an Individual or in a Team Relay format.

Location Details

Mafra is 30 minutes away from Lisbon airport by car. And at 10 Km from this town you have the Atlantic coast with beautiful beaches. Mafra is mostly known for the sumptuous Royal Building of Mafra, which consists of a Palace integrating a Basilica, with its axial frontispiece uniting the King and the Queen wings, a Convent, the Cerco Garden and a Hunting Park (Tapada). It represents one of the most magnificent works undertaken by King João V, and one of the most important symbols of baroque architecture in Portugal. This unique monument, classified as a National Monument in 1910, was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List, in 7 July 2019.

Start, Finish Line and Transition Area of the competition will occur in the square facing the Royal Building of Mafra, a very Iconic and monumental location.

John Raadschelders, president of I.P.A. (International Powerman Association), shares his opinion about this race: «I am very happy that we announce a new Powerman Destination…the Town of Mafra. It’s always exciting exploring new regions who are interested to host an International Powerman event. Meet new people, new venues and tasting the local culture and hospitality». Arriving to Mafra feels good from the first moment. The race is an opportunity for«Meeting great people with passion for sports but also very motivated to deliver a high quality Powerman race for the country, region, Town of Mafra, sponsors, Municipality and last but not least the participants».

The Portuguese Triathlon Federation is a partner in the organization of this event. For its President – Vasco Rodrigues – it is an idea long cherished by the Federation, due to the national tradition of duathletes competitions and also to the international potential of the event.

The town of Mafra was considered the ideal place to host this event, because the region offers diverse landscape (beaches, countryside and mountain) and good accommodations (hotels and restaurants). The interest shown by the Municipality in receiving this event was also decisive to choose this town.

So, block in your agenda the weekend of 9th May, 2021: Powerman Mafra

Come to Mafra, and enjoy the Powerman Portugal!

If you want to bring your family to this town and to the Portuguese Atlantic coast, the local Organizing Committee will provide special arrangements for the whole family.

Looking forward to meet you at the start and finish line!

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About Powerman TM and World Series

Powerman is the premier label for long-distance duathlons. Powerman unites the biggest and most well-known long-distance duathlons in the world under the International Powerman Association (IPA).

The IPA cooperates with the International Triathlon Union in the development and growth of duathlon as a sport in general, and the long-distance duathlon in particular.

More information:


International website www.powerman.org

Link com o vIdeo institucional de Mafra